The drum studio is prepped and ready! The only thing missing is YOU! Sign up for your drum lessons while there are still time slots available.

Drum set or drum line; there are still time slots available Monday through Thursday but they’re booking fast.

Out of town?-Skype lessons are available. Contact me here by email, Facebook or phone to secure your weekly lesson time. Click here for contact information.

Why spend months of trial & error developing bad habits? Instead, come for concise, information-packed lessons & develop a good foundation with Scott.
Beginners welcome! Get a strong foundation in reading, develop effective practice habits and learn a variety of styles as applied in the music business.
Advanced students – Come to improve your technical skills and broaden your musical scope.
Scott teaches privately in his Langley home studio

Scott is also a working musician and band leader.

Scott on drums

Click here to learn more about your lessons.

Scott Robertson is a respected drum teacher and clinician. He has trained all levels of drummers from various musical backgrounds. For Scott’s bio, click here.


All ages welcome

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Emma performs with her own band, “She Dreams In Colour”


A young Alec Robertson gets tips from Dad

Drumline workshops and classes

ensemble recording

Andrew Robertson lays down a groove during a drum school recording project.


Cadet drummers rehearsing for a show.


This young student came to one of my jazz gigs and sat in with the band.


One on one instruction.


Rudimental and pipe band drummers – Skype are lessons available. Call or email for details.

  1. Hi Scott,

    I remember visiting you for a lesson in Vancouver at the Drums Only! store, back in my very early days when I was in the Penticton Pipe Band. In fact I think it was a joint lesson with my drum teacher Steve McPhee. I’m still playing lots of drums. Just wanted to say “hi”. Find me on Facebook sometime :-)

    • Hi Andrew
      Great to hear from you. I do remember and Steve coming for lessons. Steve is still very busy teaching, Glad you’re still playing drums.
      Visit my FB page when you can.

    • Hi, Scott.
      For Bcpba snare drumming grading
      re. Piper accompaniment rule:
      Is use of bagpipe recording allowed?
      Other provinces allow use of recordings. Wondering
      about BC.
      If a drummer is ungraded do they have to do each grade level, starting at 5? Or can they start at the level they objectively feel they are at?
      Any info much appreciated
      Thank you

      • Hi Tim, Right now, recorded pipe music is not permitted in BCPA competitions.
        You do not have to begin in grade 5 (beginner). You should be able to enter in your appropriate grade then the judges rate whether they feel that you are in the right grade at the end of your performances.

        • Hi again. Thanks for reply. Settles a debate. I think my buddy is confusing competition grading with Scottish qualification authority level.

  2. Hi I am interested in my 9 year old son taking drum lessons. He has shown a talent and interest… and is excited about the possibilities. His name is Cooper. we live in Langley. I would prefer after school lessons if available

  3. Hello there! I’m looking for some guidance for rythym tenor drumming for a street pipe band. I’ve played flourish tenor and base drum, neither with formal teaching, for a number of years. We have a couple of new members that are interested in playing rythym tenor but I’m having a problem sourcing some guidance.

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