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The Teaching20141026_183510 Studio

The teaching studio is equipped with: two side by side drum sets, a Bose sound-system to play along with recorded music, extensive book and video library, full length mirrored wall for technique drills with your instructor. 

My Teaching Experience

I have been teaching drum lessons in the greater Vancouver area for over 40 years now. 30 of those years as a full-time job. I was the Head Drum Teacher for Tom Lee Music from 2000-09. I have taimagesCAPFRPHLught in various Academies throughout the lower mainland. I teach roughly 50 lessons per week. There are very few private teachers who have logged as many private teaching hours as I have. As well as private lessons, I am an instructor for the RMM Pipe Band, the youth branch of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band Organization. I teach drum corps and school workshops throughout BC and in the U.S.A.


 Beginner to Intermediate Students20141119_172514

5 level certificate program – for beginner to intermediate students. The curriculum ensures that the student develops a broad based foundation in drumming. Students are taught: basic reading & counting skills basic snare drum reading & technique basic hand & foot co-ordination a repertoire of beats and grooves for common styles of playing (rock, funk, jazz, swing, shuffle, latin)

 Intermediate to Advanced Students

Students are taught: advanced hand techniques, as applied to the full drum set four way co-ordination chart reading & interpretation subtle ways technique can change a groove a wide repertoire of rhythms, both common and uncommon. 

 For Mature and Adult Students

I2008 Langley Jazz clinic 026 have had many adult students with no musical background decide to start drumming. Some of them are currently active playing in bands and are having the time of their lives. My lessons are thorough and easy to understand. You can make progress with a realistic practice schedule that will fit into your daily routine. If you already play drums and want to progress, I can help you develop new skills and introduce you to some styles of music you may not have tried playing.


Drum Corps and Pipe Band Drum577743_369384159857052_1494382756_nming

As an instructor for the RMM Pipe Band,  I welcome all of my students to visit a band practice and see what drum corps is all about.
Drummers who are actively playing come and study rudimental drumming to improve their technique and discover the rudiments application to the drum set.


Alec and his proud Dad after the RMM Pipe Band wins the grade 3A World Pipe Band Championships.

Two teachers available. Alec Robertson is now available for lessons. Alec is an accomplished rudimental pipe band drummer. He returned in 2012 from Scotland with the RMM Pipe Band after winning the grade 3A World Pipe Band Championships. He competes regularly in solo rudimental competitions in the top amateur grade. On drum set, he has spent time substitute teaching and assistant instructing his father’s students and is fully qualified to teach the Robertson drum school curriculum.
Alec is accepting pipe band students and beginner drum set students.


Parents of Younger Students

Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress. My certificate program gives the student clearly defined goals to achieve and gives the parent written record of how the student is progressing. As a father of 2 boys, I am experienced dealing with kids on a one-to-one basis. I understand the things that motivate a student and that each child can have his/her own hurdles to overcome.


A young Alec Robertson gets a lesson from his Dad.


This young student has been practicing. He’s playing his new drums.


Three young pipe band drummers get ready for their first solo snare drum competitions.

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8 comments on “About Your Lessons
    • Yes, 6 is usually as young as I take students. My teaching days are Monday to Thursday although I am very flexible over July and August. Please contact me by email for my rates as I do not post them on the site. My email is on the sidebar of the home page.I look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Hello. I’m 17 and started to have interest on learning to play drums. Can I get informations about the rate and schedules? Thank you :)

    • You bet. I will send info to your email.
      My teaching days are Monday through Thursday. During the school year I have a set schedule. Over the summer I teach on a very flexible schedule so you can let me know which days after July 13th are best.

      My program is divided into three parts:
      1. Basic reading and counting
      2. snare drum rudiments
      3. playing styles on the drum set

      To begin with, you do not need a drum set. A pair of sticks (@$10), my book ($20) and a practice pad (@$25) will do fine.
      I was the head drum teacher for Tom Lee Music for many years. Some of their teachers are still using my program. I’ve been teaching private lessons for well over thirty years. Aside from teaching. I am a working drummer and play roughly sixty dates a year as both a leader and sideman.

      My Drum School Facebook page is here:

  2. Hi Scott. I’m 54 years old and started playing again 6 years ago. I am very interested in learning to really play, not just crashing around a kit. Do you have any lessons coming up this summer? Thanks for the reply

    • I will indeed be around for most of the summer. Summer lessons are booked on a casual basis. You can click the email link and let me know which dates work best for you and we’ll get started!

    • Hello Jennifer. I will be available from Mondays through Thursdays starting Sept 6. As of now, I have Monday from 7PM and later available, Tuesday at 4PM, Wed at 5, 6 and 8PM as well as Thursdays at 5 and 5:30
      I will send some more information to your email address.

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