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  1. Hi, Scott. I’m mature, average drum set skills, but my sight reading is atrocious. Terrible. Currently using online helps, etc., but I’m very interested in proper sight reading instruction. Also I’m certain you’ll see my bad playing habits, but unfortunately I cannot. Wondering if there’s a chance I can be a student of yours. I promise to have a pleasant, teachable attitude. But that’s about all as my playing..well, I need lots of work.

  2. Hi, Mr. Robertsen. Revelstoke Highlanders have had no snare drummer for awhile. I’m willing. My rudiments, I feel, are good enough to begin. Massed bands 2/4&4/4, &3/4 marches, I need help with. I’m going to pipe practice today. Talk to drum major. I’m open to skype but liking the idea of travelling to your school more and more. I’ll update you soon as I have this figured. Thank you, Tim

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